Hello, my name is Steven. Feel free to refer to me as The Panda Man. 

At any rate, it is a pleasure to be in class with you all. 

See you later! 


6 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Hi Steven, I was intrigued by your blog….I am wondering if you are a musician and why do you call yourself Panda Man ? I am a big fan of Panda Bears and my husband who is a singer / songwriter who recently recorded a CD 🙂 The pictures on your blog site are also beautiful….Nice job !

    • Thank you! I just like pandas. There is a skateboard brand called Enjoi, and their logo is a panda. I skateboard, and they are my favorite brand. Not just because of the panda, but that is a plus.
      I am a musician. The photo of the guitarist is Tom Delonge, from Blink 182, one of my favorite bands.
      The background photo is of the Oceanside Pier, CA. A friend of mine took the shot and he let me have it.

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