Love Marks

Marketing is an incredibly powerful yet annoying substance in our society.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how advertisements are everywhere we look. They are basically impossible to escape. All we can do is tune them out. Which brings me to a point I’d like to mention that was brought up in the documentary, The Persuaders. Several times in the film they bring up the point that begs the question, are these marketing and advertisement styles, angles, and methods working?  In order to “break though the clutter” advertisement companies have to create new and interesting ways to catch the consumer’s attention, via though emotion or rarely, logic. I’d like to say that I don’t believe any new advertisements maintain a sense of individuality. It all seems like clutter to me, yet when I delve deeper into observing products that I consume or use daily I have to ask myself, why did I choose one product over another? What specifically am I gaining from a certain product that I couldn’t obtain through its competitor? Really, the answer is simply loyalty beyond reason to a brand or product.

I wish I could say that I don’t take part in the nonsensical realm of consumerism, or being a sheep, in a society that promotes such activity so actively, but I do.  For example, there are a couple brands I find myself attached to Enjoi, a skateboarding brand, or Taylor, a guitar brand I’m not necessarily attached to any of these products because I believe they will enlighten me as an individual that believes any of these products are manufactured to promote love, family values, individuality, which in and of itself is hilarious because there is no such thing for a mass produced product because how can a person be individualized if millions of other people are wearing the same shirt? I find myself simply admiring the logo of Enjoi. It is a panda, one of my favorite animals, and they tend to have funny or catchy phrases/pictures on their T-shirts, skateboards, hats, jackets, etc. 

I can consider this something of a lovemark because I like being identified with a brand that incorporates humor and skateboarding, two things I love. My attachment to Enjoi therefore doesn’t lack loyalty without reason, because I do have reason, but at the end of it all I question whether or not my reasons are even good.

With Taylor guitars, my attachment to them is simple. They are good quality instruments and although I have yet to see mass advertisement for them, my loyalty to them is shown with my appreciation for their excellent craftsmanship. Being able to say that I will some day own a Taylor guitar provides a sense of satisfaction, that as a musician, I wouldn’t be able to obtain through saying I own an Ibanez. It is the recognition gained by others who are familiar with the quality of Taylor guitars that makes that satisfaction valid. Other musicians will get a certain impression about another musician that has a Taylor and knows how to use it well. It implies experience and ability.

With both of these pictures, I think the advertisers are expressing the values I personally look for, well. With the Enjoi photograph, the humorous caption is there, and so is a guy skateboarding. That’s something I think looks cool and interesting and would be happy to wear if it was a shirt or jacket, and would love to have on the bottom of my deck.

The picture of the Taylor guitar just screams elegance. It is sleek and powerful. The detail along the rim of the body of the guitar and the detail put into the fret board is pleasant to look at, and seeing the Taylor logo to the right lets the viewer know that it is top quality playing material. This just makes me want to go jam with a brand new Taylor just to hear its mellow but crisp tone.

At any rate, these are my love marks.


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