Since I can remember, Mythbusters has been one of my favorite shows. Watching the talented crew members investigate myths, urban legends, and strange occurrences has always been a go to pass time activity for me. One of the main reasons this is one of my favorite shows is because it revolves around science to effectively prove myths busted, plausible, or true.

This show fascinates me because the myths they test are ones we as a society have typically always heard but never questioned and put to the test the way they have. To name a few of my favorite episodes; the one where they test how possible it was for the 3 men on Alcatraz to escape, the one where they test the flying surfboard that supposedly killed someone after flying through their windshield, the one where they test sneezes,  and obviously every episode that they blow things up.

Another reason this is one of my favorite shows is because they advocate critical thinking. Using science they break down myths to show how and why something is true, plausible, or busted. Science uses analysis, reasoning, and evidence to prove why a particular theory, or argument, is valid or invalid. In large part, this is exactly what critical thinking is at its core. It’s the construction of formulaic thought supported by evidence and reasoning to persuade or prove an argument. It’s also a tool used to question certain theories and arguments to find a better solution.

The way that the Mythbusters used science is very systematic. This is because it works. They are very precise and diligent with trying to make something work. They approach a myth from every angle possible to reach their final conclusion. This is important because with critical thinking, it’s also very crucial to approach an argument you have been handed from every angle possible. Critical thinking helps people be more open minded to other points of view and instigates a rhythmic method of questioning, analyzing, testing, and concluding.

One of the main reasons this show is so incredible is because, at its core, it promotes critical thinking to viewers. People that watch the show are granted the opportunity to learn from how the Mythbusters carefully piece apart a myth just to put it back together in a reasoned and calculated manner. For those who aren’t just watching for the cool explosions, this rings a bell. It’s a calling card if you will that indulges the critical mind.

By the end of each episode, I am personally amazed by the skill and effort portrayed.  I’ve actually attempted to find myths that they might be able to test so I can send my suggestion I, but as of right now, I haven’t found anything they haven’t already tested. Overall though, I appreciate their ability to promote such qualities in a society that seems to progressively lack the skills to think critically about what they are fed by corporations and businesses,  whether it be advertisements, movies, shows, music, books, the internet, and virtually everything we consume. It’s important to have the ability to make decisions, buy products and gain knowledge with a critical mind. I believe the Mythbusters inspire many people and do a lot of good. Especially because they themselves are a part of our popular culture.

Maybe we can form another group that advocates critical thinking to the masses and have fun while doing it.


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